Je, 2018

When you finally find a place that you can call home,
you get so excited that you want to remember everything.
Images don’t get erased, it has to do with memories
but also with the conciousness of the world that surrounds you.
What I may feel the most as I keep fighting to comeback,
is that the environment is really going to change...
Places disappear, people, friends, that I now call familly are leaving.
And the one that I’m leaving behind me during my quest
are leaving as well.
As I get older, I want to understand what drive people to leave this country
that I call home.
I’m going to find out what changed
and why is it changing so fast.
Is it because of other people?
The environment?
The neighborhood?
The other countries?
Or the country itself?
It’s going to be though,
it’s going to be strange.
A series of sight guided memories,
that are no longer going to be there. 

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